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Why Intercore?

We focus on Artificial Intelligence IOT Solutions and how to integrate into your existing business. We supply all of the equipment, software, setup and installation.We live in physical and digital worlds simultaneously. As the connections between the two increase, businesses are continuously forced to think differently about where to play and how to win in the market to stay competitive.With disruption being the new normal, digital transformation is more than strategy – it’s survival. To build continued resiliency, flexibility and agility, organizations should solidify the foundation of their digital transformation to position themselves to meet the demands of today and of the next normal – whatever that may be.We work with you to define the capabilities your organization needs to have the greatest business impact. This is a combination of people, process and technology that will support an actual digital transformation that is sustainable and scalable, no matter what the future brings.

We Develop AI Strategies and Roadmaps by Focusing on Outcomes and ROIs

  • We work with C-level and line of business executives in functions including sales, human resources, IT, banking, senior living, education, and healthcare to date.
  • We identify business functions to automate to derive the maximum return from your AI investment in terms of revenue growth, cost savings, and performance improvements.
  • After agreeing on which use cases would generate successful outcomes based on ROI and priorities, we create an AI roadmap to align with your vision.
  • With an AI strategy and roadmap in place, we can help design a system architecture and objectively recommend AI platforms and tools that would be the best fit for your company.