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AI computer vision technology has been proven effective in the retail industry to help improve the overall consumer experience. The client was interested in finding ways of better understanding the consumer shopping experience in order to help retain existing customers and attract new customers. With the use of computer vision technology, they were able to extract insights from camera feeds located throughout each store location. This comprehensive visibility provided a brand new look into the consumer experience and allowed leaders to analyze and grow the business, as well as enhance overall engagement based on consumer behaviors.


Computer Vision Analytics Solution

With the power of computer vision, management experienced many benefits for their business, including the ability to:

  1. Improve store layouts to increase purchases
  2. Optimize item positioning throughout the stores
  3. Better personalize interactions with customers
  4. Further customize loyalty programs
  5. Better engage with frequent, VIP customers

With this integrated computer vision solution in place by the V-Soft Labs AI team, the client was able to see a 40% increase in overall customer satisfaction, as well a 28% average revenue growth per location due to strategic actions taken by management.

Technologies Applied

  • Computer Vision
  • TensorFlow
  • OpenCV
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Amazon SageMaker

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