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A business case typically has much more detail than a project proposal and should be reviewed by key stakeholders before being presented to executive decision makers. Preparing the business case involves assessing a business problem or opportunity, identifying the specifics of the drone technology solution, and understanding the benefits, risks, costs (including an investment appraisal), implementation timeline, impact on operations, and the organization’s ability to deliver the outcomes. Ultimately, your business case needs to both articulate the problems with the current situation and demonstrate the new business vision’s benefits.

This guide see attachment is designed to provide specific guidance for operational managers who want to do just that. It covers a variety of business case topics like setting short and long-term goals, documenting
costs, assessing the business impact, and communicating drone program benefits. Organized so you can consume only what you need, this guide provides a generic business case template as well as examples, both of which you easily adapt for your specific needs, company, and industry.