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Technology & AppDev strategist, delivering transformation and growth in global organizations up to $24B. Consistent success in disruption, growth and turnaround. Manages global OPEX/CAPEX $200M, $200M & global matrix remote teams of 1,400,

Digital Transformation specialist with a customer focus; Drive AppDev & transformations to Secure-Cloud, Agile, DevOps, and Scrum for improved digital products, customer collaboration and accelerated innovation updates. Applies automation, BI, ML, AI, and data analytics to propel continuous improvement. Optimize business processes to create and boost newer business value chain models.

Unique Leadership combination in innovation, transformation, application development, security, and business growth. Deliver and drive vision, road-map, strategy to accelerate business growth.

Highlighted Achievements:
• Trusted leader with customer focus: Built and commercialized products and services that serve 3,000+ hospitals, 40+ pharmacies, 200+ HRS and 40+ FinTech institutions.
• Digital Transformation: Promoted to transform Conduent into leading digital services provider; Leveraged big data, BI, AI, ML, automation, cloud and mobility first.
• Business/IT Strategy: Transformed stagnating performance by boosting customer engagement using omni channel, self-service and mobile first models – spearheading new business. Entered new markets, added ~$200M in new revenues in 2 years at ~60% profit.
• Enterprise Architecture and Innovation: Establish teams to deliver globally. Using customer focused innovation, reduced costs by 30%. Transform process for IT, products, services, innovation, architecture, business solutions, development cycle, data, security, and customer engagement; Led to ~30% higher efficiencies and to ~40% higher customer satisfaction within 1 year.
• Cloud Transition: Optimize IT services by 20% for ~5.5M users worldwide. Transform all infrastructure and applications, migrating ~200+ large clients, 20K servers, 40+ products to the cloud, saving 20% annually.
• Transformed cyber-security and risk-management to reduce risk by 30%.

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