Start Up Pitch Desk

Module 1 Startup Pitch Decks
Unit 1 Why Startups should NOT write a Business Plan
Unit 2 Pitch Deck Mistakes the Go-to-Market slide
Unit 3 How to create a pitch deck that stands out
Unit 4 10 Commandments for Great Startup Pitches
Unit 5 How to Estimate More Accurately
Unit 6 How to estimate market size (TAM or Total Addressable Market)
Unit 7 Customer Acquisition Cost How to track it and calculate it
Unit 8 42 Design Tips to Create the Perfect Slide Deck Presentation
Module 2 Example of Success Pitch Decks
Unit 1 The Airbnb Pitch Deck that raised $500K in 2009
Unit 2 The Uber Pitch Deck Used to Raise Funding
Unit 3 idWall Series A Pitch Deck Redesign The one they used to raise more than $2MM
Unit 4 Canva Pitch Deck redesigning their investor pitch deck presentation in Slidebean
Unit 5 Spotify Pitch Deck startup pitch deck design and teardown
Module 3 Startup Funding explained.
Unit 1 Convertible Notes, Equity and Startup Funding Explained
Unit 2 What is a SPAC (and why it's COMPLETE TRASH!!)
Unit 3 How much $$ do you get if your startup gets acquired
Unit 4 Deal Breakers for Investors
Unit 5 How to value your startup
Unit 6 How do startup exits work
Module 4 Pitch Deck - Talking to investors
Unit 1 Deal Breakers for Investors
Unit 2 Rookie startup mistakes when raising money
Unit 3 Demo Day how to deliver a startup pitch deck
Unit 4 8 red flags when pitching investors
Module 5 Company Financials
Unit 1 How to estimate the revenue model of an eCommerce Business
Unit 2 Marketplace Financial Model Tutorial projecting revenue