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What is a CGI model?

A lot of people on the Internet want to know what is a CGI model. After reviewing 100’s of websiex this is what we  can tellyou. CGI Models’ are created by tech-savvy teams using computer-generated imagery, CGI or virtual influencers look and act like real people, but are in fact merely digital images with a curated online presence.

Miquela CGI Model

Miquela CGI Model

What are CGI influencers?

Computer-generated imagery aka CGI, allows film and movie producers to integrate animation with our real life. CGI is not new at all. In fact the well known director James Cameron have brought CGI to the Hollywood mainstream in movies like Avatar and Star Wars.

Currently, CGI has grown beyond movies and into social media.

CGI influencers are computer-generated characters that have a social media account and nurture connections with online audiences. Most CGI influencers are built by teams of developers and graphic designers.

Many marketers are skeptical when they first learn about CGI influencers. But the reality is that these virtual personalities earn a decent volume of consumer interest.

How can you use a CGI  Model?

Everyone knows that Social media influencers are people famous primarily for posting content online – are often accused of presenting artificial versions of their lives. But one group in particular is blurring the line between real and fake.

Making Money with you CHI Model

Miquela CGI Model robot

Miquela CGI Model robot

Influence is big business, which is not new or trending. Marketers around the world want more message control and less risk. So, they’re taking humans out of the equation. Meet the virtual influencers.

Introducing the most reliable artist and influencer. Miquela de Sousa is a 19-year-old musician. She’s cool, by most measures, her social media accounts showing her visiting exhibitions by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, eating burgers at In-N-Out or in shaky behind-the-scenes footage from her music videos.

Thing is, Miquela’s not real. “Musician, change-seeker and robot,” reads her Instagram bio.

One of several characters created by Los Angeles startup Brud CGI Robot, Lil Miquela, as she’s more commonly known, is a virtual influencer, the most high-profile and successful one to date. She exists across a constellation of social media profiles, her images generated by CG artists, her voice donated by an actor and the thoughts she chooses to share written by scriptwriters. Brud did not respond to our request for an interview, but the millions of dollars invested in the firm by Silicon Valley venture capital firms like Sequoia Capital and SV Angel provide a clue to the value of this burgeoning business.

So how much money is there with CGI Models?

The influencer market is a Global billion-dollar market with some unique ambitious predictions suggesting it could rise to $15 billon dollar market in the next couple of years. And with the International Data Corporation predicting that worldwide spending on artificial intelligence could rise to more than £35bn, it’s not hard to imagine how companies blending the two disciplines could make a decent living.